Puppet – Ignorant Fool

Puppet – Ignorant Fool

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I let my hopes get high
Distracted and wild
Got burned
I thought I’d learned
To hide a smile
Stick by my tried and true
I’m an ignorant fool
Can’t hate
What I don’t try
It’s been a while
Winning or losing
I’m still broken, frail
Picking and choosing
All the ways I still fail
I’ll be too tired soon
To feel anything new
Till then I’ll scream out
All I’ve been through

I fear the end
Lead on by a false hope
I can see the rest
Of my low tide’s shallows
Standing at the edge
Of all the things
I’m scared to feel

But when I fall from here
I’ll face my fears
What if I sang about
What I wanted to hear

My dreams are passing by
The hardest times
I made them my strength

I can’t pretend
That I could
Do it all again
When will it end
Who do I have to be
To fall painlessly