JT Music – War of the Words

JT Music – War of the Words

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Ain’t much I can say my myself
(That’s tragic)
Wish I could B something else
(That’s a bit dramatic)
My days are wasted waitin’
For someone’s punctuation…
But if you gave me some help
We could make some magic!
Cus together we’ll spell it out
Any letter can help us out
If you find some friends you can find a way!
(It’s working! We’re learning!)
What better place to start than A?
(Keep dreaming! Who’s screaming?!)
OMG, RIP, They just killed J!
Who did it? Would it be too obvious if U did it?
Q, wasn’t W a witness?
A letter of the law wants a consonant of interest

It’s time to rock, like my font was impact
Thought I smelled justice, but it was just my gym bag!
We’re the letters who are ready for war!
Alphabetically speaking, we’ll get some order restored!
I know F is looking foul, but don’t throw in the towel
Cus yes, you read correctly, we had to bring a vowel (O!)
Now we’ll rescue A-Z where would they be without L, M, N, O…

(P! P?)

Well great, how many are left?
(Like, half a sentence…)
I think we’re finally F’d
(With plenty X’s)
He’ll fill a book of bodies
Probably got ’em hooked on phonics
H said he went to hide in his cave
Did he take G and R? All i’m finding is grave!

Work together to spell it out
Every letter come help us out!
Stick with your friends; you can die today!
(Your sentence has ended!)
Just get in line right behind A
(D-feated, D-leted)
F words can’t hurt us anyway…

Heh, who says a word couldn’t hurt ’em?
I got a letter to serve ’em!

Upper; lower – it don’t matter the case
Capital punishment is getting erased
Flaunt your font anywhere, anyhow
Remember, if it’s in bold
Then it’s meant to be loud!
Because this is the war of the words
You know sticks and stones are for nerds?!

It’s “fight and flight, not “fight or flight”
I gotta cross some T’s and dot some I’s
“Fight and flight”, not “fart and frick
You know we all just want some butt to kick
…And I have kicked plenty
And taken many L’s
But look what that life left me…
And see how far I fell…

You had us under your spell
(No jokin’)
No wonder that went so well
(I’m hopin’)
That now, we’ll pronounce more than ourselves
And have more stories to tell
And we can make some magic!

Cus together we’ll spell it out
Every letter come help us out!
Don’t find your friends; go make some
(It’s working! I’m learning!)
Go find some hands and shake ’em
(I’m dreaming – find meaning)
You don’t need to spell “friends” to make ’em!