Tre $avage (USA) – Framed

Tre $avage (USA) – Framed

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Framed, is it obvious?
Obvious (Is it obvious? Is it really-?)

[Verse 1]:
Obvious, is it obvious?
I don’t know, I think it’s just obliterious
I’m tired of being framed, not a picture
Can’t be tamed
I don’t know, I’m not the same
I’m so insane, I can’t be tamed
Writing on me like calligraphy
I don’t know, am I finally-?
[Verse 2]:
Free of this torment, I’m tired of being framed
I don’t know, I really don’t feel the same
No, I can’t see my pain
I don’t know about that shit, I’m about to go insane
No one can feel my pain, tired of being framed
This isn’t a picture, this is real life
Not a damn scripture, I’m done with the s-

[Verse 3]:
Tired of evеryone blaming me for my pain
I don’t know, I don’t know wherе I’m going-
Why am I trying to get locked up right now? Want to be-?
I’m not no wannabe, why can’t you follow me?
Tired of being in- (Framed)
Not a damn picture, this is real life
Not a damn scripture, it’s not going right
Not going right, I mean, it’s not going left
Everything, everyone I know has left
I’m just the only one left on this Earth
I don’t know, what is my worth?
What is my worth? Tired of being F-R-A-M-E-D
Not a picture, not a scripture like you can’t see
Everyone’s writing over me like-, writing on me like calligraphy
Agh, I’m not a damn paper
You can’t see me, “See you later”, ah
I just want to see my value
I don’t know why I ever fucking valued you
Ah, I’m tired of being afraid, taste
I don’t know, it’s being erased, ah
Is there something erasing? Eroding?
I don’t know, I think I’m just-

[Verse 4]:
Folding under pressure (Ah)
I don’t know, what is-?
I’m folding under pressure, origami
I don’t even know, I’m going crazy, start a-
Going crazy like kamikaze
I don’t know, folding like mere origami
Origami, not going crazy
I don’t know about the shit what I’m doing lately
What I’m doing lately, I don’t really feel sane
Tired of being in trouble, I mean, I’m framed
I didn’t commit no damn crime, I don’t know
I just minimize time
I don’t want to be locked up, free my uncle out the cage
You know I’m tired of being insane (Uh)
I’m tired of being framed (Uh)
I admit, can’t be tamed (Ugh), I don’t know, okay?

[Verse 5]:
I don’t know what is wrong with me, tired of being in- (Framed)
I don’t know, something’s bothering- (I am-)
I’m framed (I don’t know)
Didn’t commit no crime, I’m not trying to do no time
I got wrongly accused, I don’t know, I’m so misused
F-R-A-M-E-D, I’m not a picture, I’m not “C3” (Uh, I mean-)
I’m not printed like 3D (Uh)
I don’t even know what you think of me (Uh)
Why am I to frame? I’m not the one to blame
I’m supposed to be fucking tamed
You know I’m not the one to blame, supposed to be tamed
I’ll never be the same, it’s such a shame, uh
I’m roaming streets, up, down the vein (Uh)
Don’t say my fucking name in vain (Uh)
I don’t know what-, I can’t do anymore
I’m tired of being chained

[Verse 6]:
Chained down like a fucking animal
Chained down like “Abusing this cannibal”
Chained down like “This isn’t no scandal”
Chained down like fucking Django
F-R-A-M-E-D, that’s not what I’m supposed to be
F-R-A-M-E-D, please, just let me roam, let-
Why am I getting framed? I don’t know, I’m detained
I’m so untamed, so insane, I don’t know
I figured being framed like a paper
Don’t write me like subscripture
Even though I’m speaking calligraphy
I don’t really know, something’s bothering, bothering me

[Verse 7]:
I can’t see straight, I think I’m so blindsighted
I don’t know, like- (Uh, ugh)
I’m so blindsighted, like a virus, I override it
I’m trying to live up to my past (I mean-)
Live up to my present, I mean, my future? I won’t last
You know, I almost died in a grave
I want to be set free, I’m tired of being enslaved
Tired of being framed

Tired of being s- (Tired of being-, tired of being framed)