Kuttem Reese – Parking Lot

Kuttem Reese – Parking Lot

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(Ayy, MAXXX, this shit raw as hell, aw shit)

I don’t talk a lot, I just get it done at parking lots (Uh)
Pull up skrrt, skrrt (Skrrt, yeah, yeah) with thirty chops at Publix parking lot (Yeah)
I’m at Save A Lot, what you tryna do? I don’t save a lot
I won’t save shit, I pull up to Nieman’s and pull it out
Heard them niggas say they bending in, we right back bending out
What you know about goin’ on spinning drills? Yo’ dawg gon’ squeal or not? (Yeah)
I know some niggas getting that fetty in, not the ones with the closed eye (Yeah)
What you know ’bout goin’ to sleep, first day of school with the clothes out? (Yeah)

Niggas rapping ’bout some shit they did that I know nothin’ about Got me missing all my opps, it’s boring as fuck when they not out (Yeah)
She say, “Leave it in”, I pulled it out and left it on hеr eye
I’ma rich ass young nigga, nigga play, his ass gon’ die
And I hopе you never play with me ’cause it’s a eye for a eye
I took this rap shit for fun, ain’t know shit ’bout BMI (Skrrt, skrrt)
And I told that bitch she CNN, that old pussy done got tired
I treat these bitches like they bases, I just fuck ’em, then they slide (Skrrt, skrrt)
Yeah, I’m in this two door with my top gone (Vroom) with a opp’ lil’ bitch, she drop her lo’ and get her top blown
Hold on, wait, drop that window and pull up at this parking lot
Niggas talk too much, I don’t like to talk, nigga, I won’t talk a lot (Skrrt, skrrt)