RAYE – Ice Cream Man.

RAYE – Ice Cream Man.

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[Verse 1]
So, this producer hit me up on the DM
He told me, “Hey, I really like what you are doing”
He told me, “Come ’round to the studio, let’s cook it”
He told me, ”Come to catch a vibe and make some music”
But when I got there, should’ve heard what he was saying
Tryna touch me, tryna fuck me, I’m not playing
I should have left that place as soon as I walked in it
How Goddamn dare you do that to me, really?

Coming like the ice cream man
Till I felt his ice-cold hands
And how I pay the pricе now, damn
Goddamn, no, what the? Goddamn
Everything you did, it left mе in a ruin
And no, I didn’t say a word, I guess that proves it
I’m a woman, oh yes