Kwite – DGTL footprint

Kwite – DGTL footprint

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[Verse 1]
Bought a new Glock off a Etsy
Imma try and buy that private island off a Epstein
Gotta get my pecs big enough, I can breastfeed
Calves big as fuck, cause I’m driftin’ on the ten speed
Whip sound like a Jetski, insides fleshy
Plenty cholesterol, but my heart’s still empty
Making money off of these kids like I’m Nestle
Smokin’ on this wood got me higher than the rents be; Plan B

[Verse 2]
No one knows me right away, the hoodie’s lefty
You’re an NPC and I don’t do quests-free
Ball sack lookin’ like a 4-piece from Wendy’s
His dick crack my back likе an old-school desk seat
When hе’s done usin’ me, I won’t be left standing
Got tiny arms but my reach still expanding
Love bein’ a sheep, only do shit if it’s trendy
Life’s black and white film, my scene full of pen ink