Austin Awake & Vory – Settle

Austin Awake & Vory – Settle

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[Intro: Austin Awake]
Ayo, CHRXS always drippin’
[?] here
Ayy, you can send her up
Now, why is her name not on your guest list?
I’ll add it, hehe
Hehe, alright, thank you, bye-bye

[Verse 1: Austin Awake]
Some days, I wonder if Olivia still think about me, yeah, yeah
Some days, I wonder if Charlie, do you still think about me? Man
You had me all up in your dorm room
Five o’clock, I had to be home soon
I wasn’t shy to show you off, I put the whole city onto you
I did
I couldn’t even tell you how I’m thinkin’ straight
My life’s a video, I need to win a VMA
I got a little baddie workin’ for me at the TSA
She let me bring whatever I wanna bring
I’m really not even paranoid, I’m just movin’ cautious
You wanna know why I don’t trust you? It’s ’cause I took too many losses
And I know you checkin’ my page every day on yo’ finsta, ayy
Goin’ out your way to tell me that you don’t miss us
And I know you fuckin’ him, you get defensive when I ask why you like his pictures
Huh, I know it

[Bridge: Austin Awake]
Find me, find me peace
Timeless, timeless peace
Honest, honestly
Tell me why my demons always on go?